Front-end developer

Typescript - NextJs - Redux - Websockets
Available in March 2021


Hello, I am Estelle, a front-end developer specialized in ReactJs.

With a passion for problem solving and design, my goal is to create websites and apps with a clean code, high quality UI and a compelling user experience.

With my designer background, I can bring a comprehensive outlook to your product. I code thinking about the design, and I can provide in-depth design guidance, with an understanding of the feasibility of the tech side.

Always yearning to achieve more, I love participating in new projects, both professionally and personally. Feel free to contact me as I'd love to hear about your project and engage in new challenges !
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> Personal projects

Code & UI Challenges, onepages, custom hooks, design & front-end resources...

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> Skills


ReactJs / TypeScript
NextJs / Hooks / Redux
Docker / Rancher
Jest / Enzyme / React Testing Library
Ant Design & Styled Components
React MapGL / Recharts
HTML / CSS / Responsive Design
Git / GitLab
Agile Methodology / Kanban


Drawing on Adobe Illustrator
Running & Weightlifting
Reading (mostly sci-fi and fantasy)
Video games big enthusiast
Travelling (USA, Japan, Sweden, ...)

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