React & Vue Developer

I'm a coder and UI lover building webapps for 5 years

Hooks / Composition API
With my designer background, I code thinking about the design and with an understanding of the feasibility of the tech side.

Development of multiple internal ReactJs applications

Redux / Context React

Backend in RoR and data fetching with Axios and Graphql

Unit testing with Jest & Enzyme

Creation of a UI kit library

UI/UX design for the apps I created from scratch


2020 - Kardinal

Development of a route optimization solution

ReactJs / Hooks / NextJs / Typescript

UI with Styled Components and AntDesign

Conception of 2 interactives maps with React MapGl

App performances improvement with memos and callbacks

Backend development with Node / NestJs


2021 - Saagie

Development of a Data Science project orchestrator

ReactJs / Typescript / Hooks

GraphQl / React Context

Styled Components & custom-made design system

Used React-Flow to schematize the pipelines flow

App migration to TS


2022 - Hivebrite

Development of a component and page builder

ReactJs / Typescript / Hooks

State management with React Context

SemaphoreCI for preprod deployments

Testing with react-testing-library and Jest

UI with Storybook and Styled Components


With a passion for problem solving and design, my goal is to create websites and apps with a clean code, high quality UI and a compelling user experience.

Estelle Grésillon

React & Vue Developer