Hello, I am Estelle, a front-end developer specialized in ReactJs.

With a passion for problem solving and design, my goal is to create websites and apps with a clean code, high quality UI and a compelling user experience.

With my designer background, I can bring a comprehensive outlook to your product. I code thinking about the design, and I can provide in-depth design guidance, with an understanding of the feasibility of the tech side.

Always yearning to achieve more, I love participating in new projects, both professionally and personally. Feel free to contact me as I'd love to hear about your project and engage in new challenges !
Logistic & Supply Chain - Paris, France
Kardinal -
May '20 - Now
  • Development of a route optimization solution
  • CRA / ReactJs / Hooks / NextJs / Typescript
  • Redux : Selectors / Hooks Redux / Redux Saga
  • Styled Components and AntDesign to generate the UI
  • Conception of 2 interactives maps with React MapGl
  • Code refactoring
  • App performances improvement with memos and callbacks
  • Websockets service integration
  • Backend development with Node and the framework NestJs
  • Endpoint exposure / CQRS architecture
  • Storybook integration
  • Release into production and preproduction with Docker, Kubernetes and Rancher
Education & E-Learning - Paris, France
Osmo -
April '20 - May '20
  • Development of a virtual classroom
  • The app features video courses and a chat between teacher and students
  • CRA / ReactJs / Hooks
  • Redux : Selectors / Hooks Redux / Redux Saga
  • Voxeet (video streaming)
  • SendBird (chat)
  • Websockets service integration
  • Responsive integration for desktop, tablet and mobile
Health & Fertility - Paris, France
Apricity -
January '20 - April '20
  • Development of an application supporting fertility
  • CRA / ReactJs / NextJs / Typescript
  • Responsive integration for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Development of the institutional website with Prismic
  • Code refactoring
  • Collaboration with the designer to harmonize the graphic charter
Telecommunications - Paris, France
August '18 - December '19
  • Development of multiple internal applications
  • Hotspot management apps and a ticketing app
  • CRA / Webpack / Gulp
  • ReactJs : transition from class components to hooks
  • Redux / Context React
  • Creation of a UI Kit
  • Unit testing with Jest and Enzyme
  • Responsive integration for desktop tablet and mobile
  • UI/UX design for the apps I created from scratch
  • Backend in RoR and Graphql